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A Criminal Defense Attorney Does More Than Some May Think

A criminal defence attorney does more than work to help their client avoid prison time, contrary to what others might believe. While this is part of their work, this is not even a choice they readily go for in many cases. That’s because the field of law is highly nuanced and each case is distinct. Do you want to learn more? Click Miranda Rights Law Firm Martindale Vimity.
For instance, helping their client get a lighter sentence is one of the things that a criminal defence lawyer can work to do. In some cases, though, some might think that this is not a good route to take. The worst offenders should get the steepest punishment feasible in the public’s eyes. However, with the assistance of their lawyer, there are some cases where the defendant may be able to get a lighter penalty.
Imagine that there was a woman who had been raped by her husband constantly. For several years, she went through this nightmare. One day, though, she snapped and ended up shooting her spouse fatally or stabbing her. Most certainly, and understandably, the victim’s family will lobby for a steep penalty. They’ve lost a loved one to a cold-blooded killer in their eyes. Some of them may not even believe the abuse narrative. So what if the judge and jury decided to give the women life or even the death penalty in prison? There wouldn’t be many people who agree with the sentence, except the individuals in the victim’s family. That is because it could be viewed as a passion crime, and from a more realistic viewpoint, others will be able to see it. In this case, the criminal defence attorney would therefore try to fight to reduce the sentence considerably. That’s because the murder was not premeditated, actually. So, this is one case where these types of attorneys are doing more than working to keep their clients absolutely out of prison time.
Another thing some criminal defence lawyers do is advise their clients to settle for a plea. They’ll, in other words, advise them to plead guilty. In certain circumstances, this is the only hope of a defendant, especially if they are actually guilty of the crime. Going this route could give them the chance to spend a lot less time in prison. Whereas, they might have come out with a much harsher penalty if they had gone through the trial process.
So, far more than attempting to persuade the judge and jury that their client is not guilty, a criminal defence attorney does. In certain cases, though, this isn’t their purpose at all. Instead of Business Management Papers, they do their hardest to help a lighter sentence hit their client.