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Understanding the Music Lessons Process

Myth – A painful, exhausting phase is music lessons.

When you take lessons from someone who isn’t a true music teacher, your music lessons can be a bad experience. Having said that, however, it is, in truth, not the music lessons that are at fault. Here, multiple components come into play. The instructor is the first part. Check The Leopold School of Voice and Piano – Tampa voice lessons.

I deeply believe that genuine teachers of music are born not simply from an educational system or a great experience of success. Music students are given two career options in the educational system – success or education. I’m sure you heard it said, “those who can’t… teach.” Well, actually, those who do well don’t really have good teachers. Just because a person finds their way along a path to musical competence does not imply that they are able to demonstrate how to get there, or even willing to show others. Their ego is one of the biggest components of a musician, especially a talented or educated musician. Studies relating to the need of the musicians to obtain constructive reviews from others to continue were carried out adnauseam. Applause, hand shakes, high fives, etc. all sustain and power a musician’s sometimes fragile ego. Why are most musicians acting? Think about this. Some may say it is to express themselves or just to make music, but many musicians would avoid creating music in an audience free void. Whether it’s playing in a capacity-filled stadium or YouTube, there’s a success satisfaction or a high. On the other hand, the instructional artist seems to have a more altruistic approach to music. In the form of teaching someone else to become competent in music, the feedback that strokes the true music teacher’s ego arrives. For the true music instructor, sharing the gift of music with a student and then encouraging the student to perform or play music well is the greatest high. The teacher’s “rocking the stadium.” when the students excel or go on to become teachers themselves. This is not to suggest that there are not many teachers who should not be teaching or performers who do not do a fantastic job teaching. The reality is that none of these two career paths guarantee the development of a true teacher of music.