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Door Security Systems

Over the years , the number of cases related to unauthorised entry has increased , leading several businesses to develop and create automated door protection systems. Door protection systems are built to protect the forced entry of homes , stores, offices and other buildings and minimise the risk of robbery.Learn more by visiting Active Security Enterprises

It is possible to mount door protection systems on various types of doors, such as metal , wood, plastic , glass and fibreglass. Different standards are required to meet the safety criteria of various types of buildings. A password-enabled electronic locking device can consist of household security systems, while high-end door security systems are often combined with intruder alarms and security cameras to provide enhanced security.

In large organisations and government departments, such as the FBI and CIA, door security systems have specialised recognition systems that are manufactured according to the organisation’s security needs. This might include biometric solutions, such as fingerprint recognition systems that include approved staff digital fingerprint records which do not open the door unless the fingerprint of the user matches the digital print held. In the event that an unauthorised individual attempts to open the door, the new door protection systems record the iris patterns of registered users and use alarms to alert the control room.

In some door detection systems, laser technology is often used, in which an invisible laser beam surrounds the door. The circuit is disrupted if an attacker or some other thing gets in the way of these beams, and an alarm is triggered to alert security. To detect movement in front and around a house, house security systems often use motion sensors.

Door protection systems have allowed households and organisations, at fair cost, to protect life and property. Manufacturers are using a significant proportion of their sales to create new door protection systems in research and development, as trespassers frequently find a way to circumvent widely used security systems.