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An Update On Structured Water Filter

When you look at a “structured water filter”, the picture that immediately comes to mind is the large bulky device that looks like a large pressure washer. It has a strainer on its front, and the water that flows through it is put through a strainer where all the sediment goes. The process is then reversed, so that what comes out is filtered clean. Sounds okay, right? Well, not all is what it seems. Many of these products are not all they are cracked up to be. this link
You see, the major companies that sell these products claim that by using their systems you can get “clean healthy water without all the hassle”. But what they don’t tell you is that in order to get “clean healthy water without all the hassle” you have to use a filtering system such as the zero water filtration system. In order to get “healthy water without all the hassle” you have to get a whole house filtration system. And if you don’t, you are wasting your money and your health!
The zero water filtration system uses state of the art technology that ensures that you get a lot of contaminants, and you get them all. If you get everything, except for the minerals, your drinking water will be healthy, but what about the things that enter your body when you drink the water? Chlorine, for example. Most people aren’t aware that chlorine is one of the most common contaminants found in tap water. And while you won’t have to worry about getting cancer or other health problems from drinking the contaminated water through the zero water filtration system, you will have to think about how bad things could become. Remember to take some time to read the standards 42 set forth in the United States, and to make sure that the water filtration system you choose is certified under the standards.