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Use Activated Carbon Air Filters To Protect Your Family

In virtually every town air pollution is a concern, some more than others. Smog (a concept generated by mixing the terms ‘smoke and fog’) also includes multiple hazardous organic waste materials from a combination of manufacturing and commercial vehicle emissions and ozone—and this dynamic mixture of air pollutants also blends with the air that philtres through our air conditioners and fills our houses. Have a look at Coast Carbon for more info on this.

These contaminants may only induce inflammation of the throat and nose, which can worsen or aggravate symptoms of asthma in the short term, according to the EPA, many of the chemicals found in smog have carcinogenic consequences in the medium to long term, contributing to lung, throat and other cancers. Insert ozone, another hazardous substance, and a major smog part, and you have a health threat that is true. Smog and associated toxic emissions often floats for miles effortlessly in the breeze, and only some of us in residential areas are not very healthy either.

And if you assume that your air conditioner system eliminates all of such toxins, you ‘re wrong sadly. At all, air conditioner philtres still eliminate bigger contaminants and only black philtres on one side with a tiny amount of charcoal still extract a very limited proportion of chemical or gas emissions — which ensures that well over 95 percent of all the smog, smoke, ozone and other outside toxins are already going into your house for you, your kids, babies and loved ones to breathe.

What is also troubling is that a number of people are advising that you sit inside on heavy smog days. Although that can minimise exposure a little bit, when you’re utilising a carbon air filtration device to eliminate the ozone that comes in from your air conditioner 24/7, you ‘re already going used to the same exposure — and so you’re introducing to the mix something else that’s in the environment throughout your house.

For the elderly or others with breathing conditions, that is a very critical point: if you are trying to remain inside and prevent a rise in allergies , asthma or respiratory symptoms triggered by fresh pollution, be sure that the pollution inside is as safe as practicable, and probably better than outside. That is one explanation why we use too many activated carbon or charcoal philtres for use in homes and workplaces, and once you use so, your house or workplace will be the only location where the air is really safe and you’ll really get a break from the contaminants. Stongly activated carbon is the only element (and, to some extent, zeolite) that eliminates chemical contaminants from the environment. Although, thankfully, activated charcoal is still very effective at eliminating ozone from the environment, which also creates a lot of repiratory pain for certain citizens too.

Which method is suitable for carbon air filtration or air purifiers? There are quite a number on the market now, of differing efficiencies. We ‘re going to try and draw a case regarding this here: since smog and environmental emissions contaminants and chemicals mainly come from industrial sources, doesn’t it make sense that you’d like a carbon philtre that’s industrial strength to be able to eliminate certain contaminants? Naturally it does. That’s why we suggest Aller Air air purifiers and philtres more often-because their Vocarb carbon is the same as is used in commercial and manufacturing industries because it’s engineered to eliminate the amount of chemical waste. And other air purifier makers don’t have that heavily activated carbon or charcoal and they won’t clear up the environment as much, pure and easy.