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OsteoStrong McCormick Ranch- Intro

There are a lot of different kinds of places in America that go by the title of wellness center. So many that in some ways, it’s disturbingly easy to find someone who will look you in the eye and tell you that his hole-in-the-wall store filled with energy bars and scented crystals is a “wellness center”. Fortunately, there is a simple test to pick out the real health-providing experts from the swarm of fringe entrepreneurs who are all too happy to feed off of your desire to feel better. Do you want to learn more? Visit OsteoStrong McCormick Ranch.

Wellness Starts With Wholeness

The path to honest, long-lasting wellness starts by making you whole – mind and body. If your local wellness center puts emphasis on avoiding bad things, you’re in the wrong place. Look around, and if you see a lot of labels that say “no sodium” or “stomach-reducing” or any other such negative advertising, find a new wellness center. Wholeness starts not by fearfully avoiding the bad, but by consciously acknowledging and seeking out the good.

In the realm of the body, that means three things: eating right, being fit, and correcting any issues that stem from past flaws in your diet, habits, and environment.

Eating Right

In nature, almost every food contains not only vitamins and minerals, but hundreds of other chemicals such as enzymes and cofactors that make those vitamins and minerals work correctly within your body. Eating ‘fortified’ flour, milk, and other foods doesn’t have nearly the benefits of eating natural, un-messed-around-with food because all that messing around removes those enzymes and cofactors and makes the food less nutritious. So the first step to wholeness – and thus the first step to wellness – is to eat food that actually fuels your body.

Being Fit

The bodily systems that keep you alive are so potent that they can continue to function even under circumstances that are far from ideal, but they work best when the body they’re working with is physically fit. Fitness means different things for different bodies; there will be people who are on the upper end of the BMI even when they’re perfectly fit, for example. But there are real, measurable consequences to attaining physical fitness: improved attitude, increased ability to deal with adversity and stress, and mental clarity are only the tip of the iceberg. So getting your body into good working order is the second item on the agenda.

Correcting Past Issues

Past issues come in a variety of forms. Most of us, by the time we’re thirty, have racked up a bevy of physical malformations that arise from bad posture, accidents, injuries, and the like. Some of these can be corrected with one-time events like a powerful detoxification diet. Others require a long-term approach, such as a chiropractic correction, which your body can take several visits to “learn” and begin to accept. Once your body is rid of its past issues, is fit, and is getting the right nutrition, you’re well on your way. A good wellness center will address all these areas and put you on the path to toward total heath and well being.